Take your act to the next level

Vicki Ambinder, Music Performance Coach, has been part of the performing and media arts for over 35 years, as a studio producer, film producer, director, actor, performing musician, session singer, and bandleader.

In person and by Skype, Vicki helps solo artists and bands (of all ages, experience levels and genres) to improve and enhance their live and studio performance skills and to work toward their artistic goals.


Check out Vicki’s in-depth conversations about performance with such artists as Julia Sweeney, Tim O’Brien, Todd Snider and Sam Bush.

“Vicki has the ability to hone right in on exactly the thing in a performance that's going to make it transcend to the next level.”

Sabrina & Craig

“Vicki taught me techniques that gave me the confidence to be comfortable onstage and to deliver my songs with real emotional impact.”

Dan Weber